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Welcome to the home page for the Massachusetts Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services (MADHVS), an affiliate of the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) and of the American Hospital Association (AHA). MADHVS is a professional society of individuals who are responsible for the administration of Volunteer Services programs in health-care institutions.

On this Web site, you will find information about the society's purpose, organization, meetings, and membership.

Organized in 1963, MADHVS is one of the membership groups in the American Hospital Association (AHA) whose mission is:

  • To strengthen the profession of volunteer services administration
  • To provide opportunities for professional development
  • To promote volunteerism as a resource in serving the health care needs of the nation
  • To support healthcare volunteerism
  • To forge alliances to build healthy communities

MADHVS is committed to serve as a resource and support to
our members, provide opportunities for professional development, and promote volunteerism.

If you have information to share on our site, contact the MADHVS Communications Chair: Sue Morgan at

Please go to the membership Quicklist page to use your area’s email distribution list.Coverage Area

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