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The TEAM award recognizes and celebrates the collaborative nature of volunteer program development within healthcare institutions. Annually, every member of MADHVS may select one department or group within their institution with whom the Volunteer Department has successfully collaborated to develop or maintain a program involving volunteers. The specially designed award certificate is given to the entire team – volunteers and staff together – and may be displayed in the winning department. The president of MADHVS will present the award at a time, place and in a format selected by the MADHVS member.

The TEAM award offers each MADHVS member the opportunity to generate publicity and goodwill within her/his own community and institution. The nomination process is simple and is at the discretion and direction of the individual MADHVS member.

To schedule an award presentation, please complete this form and mail or email it to:

Upon receipt of this application, the President of MADHVS will contact you to discuss the details of your request.

Hospital Awards For Volunteer Excellence (H.A.V.E) - AHVRP

The Hospital Awards for Volunteer Excellence (HAVE) program was established by the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees to help hospitals attract and retain volunteers by recognizing outstanding contributions of organized volunteer programs. In addition to acknowledging the value of volunteerism to individual lives and institutions, the awards program is designed to:

  • Encourage service that greatly exceeds expectations as a result of innovation, creativity and leadership
  • Promote visibility and goodwill toward the hospital or healthcare system
  • Increase allegiance and collegiality among volunteers
  • Promote collaboration among provider organizations and community service organizations that addresses the issues of managed collaboration and instructs volunteers on how to improve the quality of life in the community they serve.

Your organization is invited to participate by nominating an organized volunteer program. It is recommended that this nomination packet be directed to the appropriate staff - including volunteer and auxiliary leaders and directors of public relations, human resources and volunteer services - and that the decision on a nominee be a collective one. Only one nomination per member institution may be submitted. Go to:

Award for Excellence - AHVRP


To recognize individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service and contribution to the Society and to the profession of healthcare volunteer management.


The applicant must be an AHVRP member with a minimum of five (5) years membership in AHVRP. Current AHVRP board members are ineligible. AHVRP committee and subcommittee chairpersons not serving as board members may be nominated for this award.


The following criteria represent the qualities identified by the AHVRP board to be most demonstrative of the nominee's contribution and commitment to the profession of healthcare volunteer management. A nominee must fulfill all criteria to be considered for the award:

  • Leadership role in advancing the practice of healthcare volunteer management.
  • Responsible for major contributions to the advancement of the profession of volunteer management through leadership innovations, implementation of new programs, management initiatives, authorship, teaching, research in healthcare volunteer management, etc. Active participation in AHVRP, e.g. service on the Board of Directors, committees, subcommittees, and such focused activities as presenter, author, etc. Active participation in local, regional or state Affiliated Group and volunteer management organizations.

Go to:

Extraordinary Program Awards - AHVRP

The Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) is identifying exceptional healthcare volunteer programs or services, to be presented at the AHVRP Annual Meeting and Leadership Training Conference.

AHVRP will honor two Extraordinary Program Award recipients. This award is inclusive of all healthcare organizations that AHVRP represents. All AHVRP members are encouraged to submit a nomination for one of your programs.

The awards will be presented at the Extraordinary Program Awards Luncheon during the annual conference. This luncheon celebrates the award-winning programs and highlights each program's success and benefit to the service recipients, the healthcare organizations, and the volunteers providing the service. The AHVRP members submitting the selected programs will give a brief presentation during the luncheon.

Selections of the Extraordinary Programs are made by a special AHVRP committee. Programs submitted for review by the committee must meet the following criteria:

Submission Criteria

An Extraordinary Program is a volunteer program/service that has functioned successfully for at least three years within a healthcare organization or a community the organization serves. The program needs to be a unique and original idea. The AHVRP member submitting it must have been substantially involved in planning, implementing and coordinating the program. The program must demonstrate substantial benefit to the service recipients, the healthcare organization, and the volunteer(s) providing the service.

Programs may be submitted in any one of seven categories:

  1. Promoting a Caring Environment
  2. Change Management
  3. Health Promotion
  4. Volunteerism
  5. Recruitment/Recognition
  6. Fundraising
  7. Special

Go to:>

New England Award for Professional Excellence (NEAPE Award) :

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