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Membership News

Jordan Hospital is now Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth

We are pleased to announce Jordan Hospital is now Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth. The change became effective January 1st of this year. Jordan joins the family that includes Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, BID-Milton and BID-Needham.

New Management

The Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) is proud to announce that the CAVS certification process is now being managed by CCVA (Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration). AHVRP is pleased to continue offering this credential that recognizes its members as proficient in their field. This transition to CCVA offers new opportunities to strengthen our profession of volunteer management while making the certification process more affordable for everyone.

AHRVP Certification Program

Presidentís Annual Report

  • Friday, June 18, 2010
  • Paul Bartush, CAVS
  1. 1. Last board meeting
    May 7, 2010
    Beverly Hospital
    • At our last board meeting, we discussed the surveys from members who attended the AHVRPís Principles course. Feedback was high and several members have asked that we consider a repeat of this course or another comparable course in the coming year.

  2. 2. Team Award
    • This year, Melissa Hubbard and I have had the pleasure of awarding three programs the Team Award.
    • Jane Karaman, Beverly Hospital in January 2010
    • Mary Iodice, Lahey Clinic in April 2010
    • Linda Gregoire, Norwood Hospital in April 2010

  3. 3. MADHVS board goals and achievements
    The MADHVS board set two main goals for the 2009/2010 calendar. We wanted to invest in membership education and revamp the website in order to better facilitate membership communication.

    By holding four outstanding education programs in addition to the Principles course, the board feels confident that we met our goal to invest in membership education.

    Sue Morgan has tirelessly worked to update and maintain the MADHVS website. The recent additions of the distribution lists by areas and current membership lists add important features and information for all members.

    I applaud the efforts of the board in the achievement of these goals!

  4. 4. Next MADHVS board meeting on July 30th
    The MADHVS board will hold an annual planning retreat on July 30th.
    • Goals to include:
      1. Financial reconciliation/audit process
      2. Educational goals
      3. Recognition

Previous President's Annual Report

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